Welcome to the Carstairs Veterinary Clinic! We have been proudly caring for animals throughout central Alberta since 2001, providing both preventative health care as well as routine and emergency surgery. We believe that you and your pets share a special bond, and you deserve high quality veterinary care offered by a skilled, compassionate, and communicative veterinary team. 
Whether in our relaxed and friendly clinic, or on-farm for your equine and cattle herds, our experienced veterinary team will care for your animals is if they are our own. We look forward to caring for your pets and helping you keep them as healthy and happy as possible. We are also your source for high quality veterinary exclusive pet food.
The Carstairs Veterinary Clinic is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. We invite you to come in - meet us, and let us help you and your pet enjoy a long, happy journey together. If you would like to hear what other happy clients are saying about us, please visit our Facebook page here.

Animals We Care For
  1. Daisy & Emma
    Daisy & Emma
    Playing in the clover
  2. White Face
    White Face
    White face with her second calf
  3. Kitty
    Chasing whatever moves!
  4. Handsome horse
    Handsome horse